Advertising Concept – Feminax

Feminax demographic

This print advertising was received from Go-girl magazine, as we know go girl is teenage magazine We will analyzed the who, what, why and how this ad work.


Age :

– Teenage 15 – 19 years old

– Adult 20 – 25 years old


Sex :



Social classs :

– C1 = supervisory, clerical, junior administrative

– C2 = skilled manual workers

– D   = Unskilled workers and semi skilled workers


Occupation :

– Career women

– Student

– House wife

– Maid

– Stand promotion girl

– Cashier

– Sales girl

– Teacher

– Office girl



Feminax Psychographic


Lifestyle :

– Sporty

– Hard working

– Traveling

– Shopping

– Hang out



What The message

Because almost girl not do their activity when they get her day of( menstruation ), they usually do not want to do the  activity because of the pain of menstruation they feel. Now the feminax help them to find the solution for them to not give up  for doing activity and  help reducing the pain.



firstly, the average age of G Girl readers are between 15-25. because on that age people are very active, that is feminax used taekwondo concept and taekwondo it is such an active activity.



How to advertise

We think this advertising used emotional concept. We can see based on its words and painting,its words said, “Are you really sure, you lose the competition by your pain of menstruation? “

it appears to be that she is offending the giRls / women / females that are sufferring when she was about to operate her activities.


~ by irene clarissa on September 19, 2009.

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