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Public Relation Planning for

Pertamina Ltd.

Prepared by :

Class = 11-5a

               Ilma Rineta         [2007110570 ]

              Irene Clarissa     [2007110507]

              Lie Diana            [2007110608 ]

           Selvie                 [2007110252]

            Wita Tursina      [2007110803]

Lecturer : Ms. Miranda Sagala, M.A.

Organization Profile


Location Profile

The centre Pertamina Ltd. Located in Merdeka Street Timur No. 1a, Jakarta 10110, and the telephone number is 021 – 3815111 and 3816111. There is an important person in Pertamina to contact with ,his name is Ari Hernanto Soemarno. He is the first Director gaoline and oil industri.

Organization History

As we know, every vehicle and industrial need the gasoline and oil, in order to complete publics, because of that Pertamina Ltd established on December 10th 1957. Pertamina became Pertamina Ltd on October 2003.

Pertamina Ltd. Business in corporate are including the upstream and downstream sectors.  The upstream sector covers oil, gas and geothermal energy exploration and production both domestically and overseas. The downstream sector includes processing, marketing, trading, and shipping. Commodities produced range from fuel and non fuel, LPG, LNG, petrochemicals to lube base oil.

Pertamina Produces many types of fuel like Pertamax, Pertamax Plus, Premium, Solar, Kerosine, Pertamina DEX.  Non-Fuel like Minarex, HVI 90, HVI 160, Lube Base, Green Coke, Asphalt.  Gas like LPG, Bahan Bakar Gas [BBG], Musicool.


Achieved targets with continous improvement since July to December 31, 2006 are 5 gas station have met the standards of “Pertamina Way”. The roll out of gas stations quality and quantity assurance. The cooperation with world-class oil & gas companies.

Pondok Tengah Exploitation has generated income of USD 11 to 11.5 million Less critical depots in project phrase I. LSWR processing to RCC/FC has generated income of USD 2.5 to 2.8 million. Transportation loss control has saved Rp. 3 – 3.5 trillion

With Pertamina Press Awar title, Pertamina gives the award for press depends on their hard work and their dedication in giving the balance/right information to publics about Pertamina also The Oil Fuel industry and Global Warming.  The show was held on 21 of November 2007 at Wednesday night.

Achievements in SHE acknowledged by national as well as international institutions as mentioned below.In the field of Safety, Pertamina received the Sword of Honour and Five Star Award from the British Safety Council; the Award of Honor from the National Safety Council USA; the appreciation of Zero Accident and Safety Development from the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources and the Department of Manpower.

In the field of Occupational Health, Pertamina’s commitment to promote the non-smoking program among its workers and their families.

In environmental aspect, Pertamina received ISO 14001 Certificates from KEMA (Netherlands), TUV (Germany), UKAS (Britain), Sucofindo (Indonesia), and Kalpataru from the Ministry of Environment, in some of its Units Operation. And internally, Pertamina has awarded the Parta Adikriya Bhumi


The human resource focuses on creation of a proficient, professional, committed and , dedicated. Our employee must be competency, skills, high performance and productivity.

Our company care of welfare and competitive remuneration and also giving protection to employee according to standart of oil & gas companies in Indonesia as well as existing regulation.

To create a corporate culture that supports the Company?s transformation process, Company has established and undertaken a socialization program on the new leading values known as the FIVE-M (Focus, Integrity, Visionary, Excellence and Mutual Respect). For performance measurements, the Company uses Key Performance Indicators (KPI or UKT) and Productivity Index. These measurements enhance continuous improvement, which accelerates the Company to an international status.


SPBU which is monitoring by the independent auditor was been fully requirement as a standard “pertamina way”,become spbu “pasti pas”. this commitment had been realization based on target point and clear work plan, central and local teaam team which will focuz on the standard implementation “pertamina way”, an extra training facility, and step by step socialization activity with Indonesian dealer.  some of the spbu which already has spbu pasti pas title had been concern in 3S ‘smile, open word and closing word’ including comfortable in buying.

–          Activity for  SPBU Consumer,  for periode March – Mei

  1. Greeting activity

Description Team sales promotion will welcome the customer welcoming dan do activities, like examples below :

-Explain about SPBU customer authority

-Asking the customer about positive comment

-Sticking the  sticker (on the move) in the customer’s vehicle for the “lucky sticker hunt’ game.

  1. Lucky sticker hunt game.

Description : The lucky customer who using the sticker on the move will get the gift

Media Coverage

(From antara news), Jakarta.  Pt.pertamina plans to build fuel station for elpiji, to reach largest commodity. In 2008, pertamina targeting for 12,5 million family and small market in java, bali, and south Sumatra will received 3 kg tube of LPG including the stove. Financial report of pertamina never been asked from BPK [the government checking money], so we never knew the ability of pertamina company

Situational Analysis (SWOT)



– The government owned

– The cheapest gasoline in its market

– Become a market leader

– Strategies location which the pertamina location is in everywhere

– Deposit from the government

– Up and down price controlled by


– Give Clear information about

The price to public


– The staff less friendly

– Facilities doesn’t complete like: no billing after transaction

– Facility is not clean ,no cleaner glass car, Fulfilling transaction not clear, toilet not clean

– Corruption inside the company


– Easy to open new gasoline counter because the company belong to government

– The investor in Oil Company must make an agreement first with Pertamina

– Pertamina CSR program in education support for 2000, excellence student in DIY, oil for vehicles like Fastron, Enduro and Prima XP,etc.

– Upstream and Downstream activity

– Make new program, like “Pasti Pas”


– Have competitors like: Shell, Petronas

– Losing deposit in premium types from government

– Increasing price

– Negative public comment


To increase positive image publics in politics and general public, for 50% by the end  of December 2008.


– Potential employee

Because we need to build our image and we need potential employee suitable with the company target.

– Consumer

Because consumer need and buy our product, they have direct contact with us and effect our countinuous life of Pertamina. Our consumer are  Bus driver, self- driver, taxi driver, all the workers who work in industry, housewife, pilot, locomotif enginer, college students

– Distribution

Because we are market leader and we has big network for distribute our product to all customer. They are transport carrier, wholesaler

– Money Market

Because we are Open Limited Cooperation and other part has chance to have our stock. They are stockbroker, big investor, etc.

Demographic of  Pertamina

Age                 :  18 – 55

Dividing in to group ;

18 – 23

(Generally users of pertamina on that age level are students)

24- 55

(Working user)

* (55 years old is retired age)

Gender           : Female and male

Education      : – Bachelor degree, people who was graduate from school or


– School, people who was graduate from junior high school.

Religion         : Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Hindus, Buddhist

Occupation   : Student, lecture, doctors, entrepreneur, actress, PR professional, lawyer, secretary,  Business man, Employee.

Income per month : minimum Rp.1.500.000

Social class:

–  A –  C

(Higher managerial until skilled manual workers)


Countries : Indonesia

Region     : In the metropolitan areas such as : Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang,

Medan, etc.

Climate    : Middle

Population density : Urban, Suburban, semi rural.



Metro Tv :

Address :
Jl. Pilar Mas Raya Kav A-D, Kedoya, Kebon Jeruk
Jakarta 11520 – Indonesia.
Phone : (021)-583 000 77
Fax : (021)-583 000 66 (General)
: (021)-583 021 39 (News)
: (021)-581 211 1 (Sales & Marketing)

Contact Person
Henny Puspitasari
PR & Publicity Manager
Tlp : 021-58300077 ext. 22015
Fax : 021-581621

Reason :  We choose metro Tv because metro Tv has an international quality, because of that all Indonesian can listening and understand it .


Chandra Sugarda – Nazir

Telp                : 5303550

Email              : chandra.sugrada@rcti .tv

Address         : Raya Perjuangan street , Kebun Jeruk No. 60

Reason          : We choose rcti because rcti has a lot audience and rcti already entered the area that hard to reach and has a good signal.


Elshinta Radio

Joglo raya street No. 70

Jakarta 11640

Telp : 021 – 5869000

Reason : We choose  elshinta radio station because elshinta has a lot of information abour the ways, so the drivers usually listening in their trip.


Gedung perintis 5th floor

Kebahagian4 – 14 street, West Jakarta

Telp : 021 – 6337783

Reason : We choose sonoro radio station because Sonora has a lot of listener that already worked.

News paper :


Bagian Iklan SINDO
Menara Kebon Sirih
Jl. Kebon Sirih Raya 17-19
Jakarta Pusat 10340
Telp (021) 3926955
Fax (021) 3929758

Reason : we choose Sindo because sindo is an interesting newspaper and sindo is colour newspaper and publish two times a day .


Jalan Palmerah Selatan 26-28, Jakarta 10270, INDONESIA
Telepon: 534-7710, 534-7720, 534-7730, 530-2200
Fax: (62)(21) 548-6085
Reason : We choose kompas because kompas has a big distribution in Indonesia and many people read kompas. People can get kompas easily and it has a lot of counters

Other media ;

–          Billboard

Reason : We make billboard because billboard easy to sell, easy to be seen by people and usually people look it. Usually billboard has an exciting design, because of that we choose to make billboard.

–          Sponsorship

Reason : We choose to join to the sponsorship in bridgestone launching so that our product became more famous.


Cakupan Warna Besar / Waktu price Harga lain2 last price
Kompas Seluruh Indonesia Full Color 1 halaman Rp 385.220.000,00 discount 17% Rp 307.465.000,00
Seputar Indonesia   Full Color 1 halaman Rp 219.450.000,00 discount 30% Rp 153.615.000,00
Radio Elshinta     2.Prime Time Rp 1.000.000,00 Rp 2.000.000,00  
      1.Regular   Rp 900.000,00  
          Rp 2.900.000,00  
          PPn 10% Rp 3.190.000,00
Radio Sonora     2.Prime Time Rp 2.475.000,00 Rp 4.950.000,00  
      1.Regular   Rp 400.000,00  
          Rp 5.350.000,00  
          PPn 10% Rp 5.885.000,00
Metro TV 18.05-19.00   15 seconds Rp 8.400.000,00   Rp 25.200.000,00
RCTI     3.15seconds Rp1.200.000,00   Rp 54.000.000,00
Billboard   10m2 Rp 3.000.000,00     Rp 30.000.000,00
Sponsorship bridgestone launching         Rp 150.000.000,00
          Total Rp 729.355.000,00



  1. According us, estimation success number upto 30% of promotion by television, 20% by newspaper, 25% by radio station, and 35% by exhibition and sponsorship.
  1. 30% by television because based on our observation the Tv audience not really pay attention for the advertisement, and not all of the audience are our target market. So we estimate that number that we could reach from TV advertisement is about 30%.

20% by newspaper because even the readers are our target market, but many readers read the newspaper only sight read. Because of that, we estimate only 20% we can get success for advertisement by newspaper.

25% by radio station because if people turn on the radio, usually the people will listen the radio station accordance their age, so we have to use the right radio station for our promotion so that we can achieve our target market.

35% by exhibition and sponsorship because usually the audiences will pay attention by exhibition event and will remember that event, so we will make an unique concept for that event. If the audiences remember that catching event, we estimate that the person will use our product. For sponsorship, usually the people not really pay attention, but minimum we have introduced our product. So for exhibition and sponsorship, the estimation

success upto 35%.


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