Marketing Campaign Nintendo Wii

Company Profile


The Group’s principal activity is to manufacture hardware and software for home video game systems namely Nintendo Gamecube and the Game boy series. The operations are carried out through the following divisions: Games hardware, Games software and Other. The Other operations involve Japanese card games. The Group is further seeking ways to diversify applications of video games, such as electronic mail boxes. These products are marketed in both domestic as well as international markets.
Former Japanese Hanafuda playing-card company turned videogame giant. Founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi in 1889, and now led by Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s fourth and current president, Nintendo is one of the largest companies in Japan and was instrumental (if not the sole catalyst) in re-creating the videogame market in the U.S. in the mid 1980s.

Nintendo’s hardware creations include the Game & Watch, GameBoy, NES (Famicom in Japan), Super NES (Super Famicom), Virtual Boy, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Wii.

In addition to a number of second-party and affiliate development houses, game development is primarily handled by Nintendo’s respected EAD department. EAD stands for Entertainment Analysis & Development. Headed up by famed game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, this internal software development team has created many of Nintendo’s most successful titles, including the Mario and Zelda franchises.

NCL is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan.


Marketing Campaign


  1. 1.      Background

Nintendo is recognisable brands in the world who produce popular game. as the result they already have many product that succeed in the market and they have many experiences. For that reason, the company is expert to determine the customer needs,  and now Nintendo creates the latest innovation. Nintendo Company introduce the new  Nintendo wii ( game console).  The game was made with simplicity and playability therefore It will make the customer easily to love and play it. With  Nintendo wii, the player can be   involved into the game as it were in the real situation with a motion sensor wand that waved around to move characters and objects on screen. This strategy is created for the beginning of new style playing games.

  1. 2.      Communication Objective

The objective of our campaign is to create awareness of public and increase the selling of Nintendo Wii in Jabodetabek in a time range of one year. Furthermore is to  change the positioning of Nintendo Wii to become a game for all ages.  The strategy is:

  • Program   : Nintendo Wii “Fun Is Health” Exhibition
  • Venue       : Mall Taman Anggrek, Secayan City, Mall Kelapa Gading, and Pondok Indah Mall.
  • Date          : 5 – 28 July 2009 (Whole Program)

–          Mall Taman Anggrek    : 5 – 7 July 2009

–          Senayan City                 : 12 – 14 July 2009

–          Mall Kelapa Gading      : 19 – 21 July 2009

–          Pondok Indah Mall        : 26 – 28 July 2009

  • Events      : Sales Promotion, “Wii Competition”, Wii Free Trial, Fun Games,      Live Music, “Aerobic While Playing Wii” Demo.
  1. 3.      Target Audience


Innovation curve


Position of Nintendo wii now is in early adopters because in the market, the customers of wii is not too many. Not the gamer have Nintendo in their home. The market of wii compare with other Nintendo product or other competitor product is not yet more popular to them.

Our target audiences are the people who love to play  game, gadget freak, people who like new things and lifestyle followers, which in this case means particular people who follows the trend of  lifestyle which  he/she  admired in.

Details :

Demographic :

–          Occupation                : Students, Professionals

–          Sex                             : Male – Female

–          Age                             : 7 – 30.

–          SES                            : B – A

–          Income                        : Rp. 5.000.000,-



–          Lifestyle                      : Game lovers middle to high class relationships, gadget lovers, sporty



–          People in urban areas in Jabodetabek

  1. 4.      Benefit &  Promise

First, Nintendo wii give the real visual to their customers, because Nintendo provide an advance high definition visual resolution to the customers. Non the less, in “Nintendo wii Fit” ( additional product of Nintendo wii) , it can be used to exercise, not only the exercise but they also get the entertainment in Nintendo wii Fit. Furthermore, they will get special experience when they are playing Nintendo wii, as the fact that wii offers new sensation by not only playing from joysticks but also from wireless controller  that  makes the player  feels  real. The company will give the best service to the customer satisfaction, one of it is warranty of their product.

  1. 5.      Reason & Support

The reason for this campaign is that there are probability the advertisement  has not yet reached the potential costumers which give so much passion to the Nintendo wii itself. For the online advertisement we provide demo games of Nintendo wii and free trial on the internet. For the offline advertisement we provide exhibition that includes fun game for those who has never tried playing Nintendo wii before, and  “Wii competition” for people who have played Nintendo wii before which might caught interest to the public around.

  1. 6.      Media Used & Where

–          Offline

We will held a big exhibition for about three weeks long with different mall and we choose  Taman Anggrek Mall, Pondok indah mall, Senayan City and Kelapa Gading Mall as the perfect place because these malls are suitable with our marketing campaign that offers the visitor fun and exciting atmosphere to their adrenaline. Besides , those malls target market are  quite same with our marketing campaign and those malls are public places that we hope, the visitors of those mall will come to our exhibition therefore we will get more target audience.

In this exhibition we will do a lot of activities to encourage visitor interest about the Nintendo wii. Starts by giving them a product knowledge, provide also with the showcase of the product, give a free trial to the visitors and we will held and competition indeed for them who already became a Nintendo wii user. The other purpose of establish this event is to make our target market feel the real visual experience when playing it then will encourage them to buy it.

How to promote this event to gain a big numbers of visitors :

–          Advertising trough radio :

  1. Prambors
  2. Gen fm
  3. Trax fm

–          Advertising trough magazine and newspaper :

  1. Game Station
  2. Hai
  3. Gadis
  4. Free magazine
  5. Hot game
  6. gadget magz
  7. animonster
  8. kompas
  9. gadget
  10. Game Tv

–          Online

For online advertisement, we will have an attractive website which will be contains of :

  1. Product Knowledge
  2. Gallery
  3. Demo games
  4. Cookies
  5. Update neewsfalsh
  6. Online Shop
  8. Community such as friendster or facebook

Media Planning

Radio :

–          Prambors       : advertisement will come up in every program

–          Gen Fm          : advertisement will come up in every program

–          Trax fm           : advertisement will come up in every program

Television :

–          Game Tv on Jak tv

–          Gadget on metro tv

We use both program to introduce nintendo wii by giving information of our product, showing the product benefits and competitive edge, etc.

Printed media :

Magazine and newspaper :

–          Gamestation

–          Hot game

–          Gadget Magazine

–          Animonster

These four magazines used because of their strong relation to our products ( the readers are our target market). Therefore we will put our advertisement and also articles that can create awareness and get interest trough the readers of Nintendo wii. We will also use magazines to promote our exhibition.

–          Hai

–          Gadis

–          Kompas

–          Free Magazine

Others magazines that we used are above. Those magazines used to make our potential customer aware of our product.

* leaflets, brochure and banner will spread when we held the exhibition.



















Ghan Chart of Nintenda Wii Media planning for a year



































































Prepare exhibition






















5-28 july








Online Promotion






























Gen FM















Trax FM




























































Free Magazine















Hot Game















Gadget Magz




























































Game TV















  1. 7.      Tone & Manner/ Tactics

By the online advertisement we target the audience with using small advertisement like cookies, also corporate sites. Persuasive words and energical look of the advertisement is also provided to gain interest of the readers.

By the offline advertisement campaign with a sporty atmosphere which shows that sport and game are combined into an interesting package of Nintendo wii. Furthermore, we use the pull concept to invite peoples around the area to have a try on Nintendo wii by the media and the exhibition we held, we believe by doing that we might develop the interest of public to Nintendo wii.

For our precious costumer who want buy wii at the spot of exhibition for each venue, we er the best price. We er 10% discount for wii procurement by using CC bca.  And for each procurement of wii either by cc or cash, we proudly present  wii remote protection filter as a bonus.

  1. Result

From the strategies above we are confident that the brand of Nintendo wii will rise to the targeted public, and with that we expect the increase of Nintendo wii sales .



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